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Opening Stand/Congratulatory Flower

Opening Stand/Congratulatory Flower

Opening Stand/Congratulatory Flower - Products


Bird of paradise, red roses, casa fruit, yellow casphia, yellow daisy, monstera leaves decorated wit..

beautiful flowers

lilies, eustomas, purple statice, song of jamaica, and assorted fillers and leaves..   16..

best wishes

yellow lilies, roses, gebras, foxtail, with sweet baby's breath and giant monstera leaves..nothing b..

Big big auspicious!

yellow lilies, orange gebras, red astrolmeria, song of india, palm leaves etc decorated with  ..

black charming

yellow and white lilies, purple eustomas, statice, silver coated eucalptus leaves, gebras etc.. 3..

bling bling design

sunflowers, imported proteas, surrounded with layers of baby's breath, giant leaves and bling bling ..

Blue Greetings

Blue Hydrangeas, Violet Statice, Green Orchids, Wild Ginger, White Eustomas, with assorted Giant Lea..

bold & beautiful

this flower design consists elegant lilies, roses, gebras, giant sexy pink heliconias and assorted l..

bountiful flowers

layer and layers of flowers such as gebras, roses, anastasias, eustomas, statice, baby's breath and ..

bright flowers

sunflowers and assorted flowers. .what a great combinations! 38(L) x 15(W) x 70 (H) inch ..

colorful & solid

the combination of sunflowers, purple mukara orchids, green anastasia and assorted leaves with salix..

Colorful Flowers

bird of paradise, roses, orchids and assorted leaves decorated with colorful wrappers 25(L)x14(W)..

colorful life!

multi color is the word! Assorted gebras, with assorted fillers and purple eustomas ..  Surely..

colors of celebration!

multiple colors of flowers, signifies big celebration!   16 (L) x 12 (W) x 69 (H) inch ..

Colours and Colours

sunflowers, roses, assorted chysanthemum, statice and others decorated with colorful wrappersand rib..

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    Showing 1 to 15 of 62 (5 Pages)