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Exclusive Floral Design

Exclusive Floral Design

Exclusive Floral Design - Products

All Green

All Green. Tall green onions, bush leaves, green aliums in an exclusive sandstone vase with lotus..

expressions of joy!

this design is a mixture of peonies, natural lotus pods,red tall ginger flowers, lotus leaves, monst..

harmony red

a mixture of red flowers such as celosia, peonies, red cabbage, berry, tall natural  red bamboo..

hydrangea n others

very unique design, multicolor n texture..this floral design will significantly add color and charac..

soothing purple

purple poppy flowers as focal flowers, with green and black berry and white natural twigs and artifi..

Special U Shape Floral Design

Modern, appealing yet simple. The U shape vase is well decorated with Elegant purple exclusive h..

symbol of prosperitY

tall floral design using 4 cabbage, lemon green fillers and natural tall twigs and accessories ..

Tall & Beautiful Floral Design

Colorful but not overpowering. Dark brown bamboos, tall wheat grass, red cabbage, grey berry..

Trendy Floral Deco

This design using white hydrangea, assorted dragontongue, lily buds, leaves etc in silver coated rou..

ultra modern design

another design using cabbage, dragontongue, giant leaves and significant natural white wood trunk an..


Unique Purple & White Vanda Orchids

Another vanda orchid design with twisted twigs,  pearl deco etc in a white solid fibre boat sha..

Up Todate Floral Design In Hexagon Vase

Floral design with dragonfruits, aliums,berry,giant leaf & bush leaves in a upscale stainless st..

Vibrant & Colorful

Giant colorful hydrangea with 2 tone pink aliums, berrys & apple green leaves & other in a s..

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    Showing 1 to 13 of 13 (1 Pages)